Studio Information

Jolie Lin: Photography by JihoNation

Genius is one percent inspiration, 99% percent perspiration.
— Thomas Edison

Being able to play music comes through consistent practice. This is because learning an instrument involves reading, listening, and the physical act of playing. The concepts learned in the lesson have to be reinforced at home in the form of practice. Talent is only a very small part of the equation. In actuality, consistent practice is key. It is true that music, like language, might be picked up more easily for some than others, but the truth is, everybody can learn it. And, everybody has to practice it to get good at it.

Tuition and Fees

Private lessons are once a week. In the case of children ages 8 and below, two 30-minute lessons per week is recommended for optimal learning outcomes. Tuition for private lessons is as follows:

  • 30 minutes – $35 (for children ages 8 and under only)
  • 45 minutes – $50
  • 60 minutes – $70

Theory class is once a month and gives the opportunity for students to convene in a class setting. Theory class focuses on written theory, ear-training, and performances by students for each other. A semesterly (biannual) fee of $50 covers instruction and materials for theory class.

For a more complete studio policy regarding studio schedule, lesson cancellation policy, and student performance opportunities, please contact me.