Learning music is like learning a language. Every culture has music, everybody enjoys music, but not everybody makes music.

In our society we seem to have infinite possibilities to access music thanks to technology. In reality, learning how to play music for one’s enjoyment is a process that takes time, resources and practice. The rewards, however, last a lifetime.

Announcing the opening of Jolie Lin Piano Studio

The piano studio was the place where the world of music opened up to me. It was there that I came to love classical music and the process of learning how to play the piano. Having led a busy freelancing schedule for the past few years, I realized that it was time for me to start what was closest to me—building a piano studio. For me, the piano studio is a place of warmth, learning, and discovery. Let music and piano be a part of your life, too.

Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, Jolie Lin Piano Studio is currently accepting students. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Contact me for a free, in-studio consultation.